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Here at Story Points, we share personal anecdotes from within the tech industry and help break it down for those who are not, with some inevitable silliness in between. So whether you’re looking to get into the field, already in the field, or just a tad curious about it, look no further.

The Story Points podcast is recorded on a regular basis and releases new episodes on a bi-weekly basis.

roger king

Roger has 10+ years of software engineering experience. Currently, Roger is working at a tech-fitness company called Balanced as their founding engineer. We are hiring (balanced not story points - we dont have funding)

joseph micceri

To the closet to the cloud! Joseph is a Senior Infrastructure EnginEER at SeatGeek. Shoutout SeatGeek.

george markantonis

Former Apple Genius, Almost Google Engineer. George is a Frontend Engineer at Capsule. He enjoys long walks on the beach while drinking a tall flat white. LEETCODE.

greg meade

The voice for the voiceless. The non-tech friend who asks the questions that all of you have. Follow 925Fitness.

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